Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Ham Baby Food and a New Scam

I brought a few jars of this hilarious meaty baby food in Lamezia Terme and I've been patiently waiting for Ernie to become a food eating boy and have a taste.

I think the meat is mixed with potatoes or something. I tried it and the taste was like nothing in particular. Like eating paste perhaps.

I think Ernie liked it fine. He pretty much makes the same face every time he eats anything.

I am resting easy knowing Ernie is getting all of his prosciutto vitamins.

He got a new little PortaPlay Wonderland Adventures play table thing where he stands in the center and can spin around and play with various toys. This is nice to get him to practice standing and it's also useful if you need to keep him entertained while cooking or something. This took the place of his little swing chair that he got too big for.

We were having a nice stroll around Redmond Town Center and I spotted with my little eye an intriguing offer. If I took a picture in front of this festive Halloween backdrop and posted it to social media, the mall would give me a $10 gift card. Cool, that sounds easy enough. I started reading the fine print and I noticed a very fun line: "One gift card per individual per DAY." We agreed that we would be taking our strolls here every day for the next week.

Gift card accomplished.

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