Thursday, October 26, 2023

Dinner and a Scrub

It's been getting very pumpkiny at the Big Ern household.

We got some reading material from the library to really get in the mood.

Ernie had been eating with more adult spoons but he couldn't ever get the food that was in the bowl of the spoon, if that makes sense. So Lydia got him these flat head spoons that are easier for him to eat off of. Tonight he dined on homemade squash soup and smooshed up bananas.

Eating can get pretty messy so after dinner it was tubby time.

Ern had a fantastic mullet developing. I'm very proud.

We made an appearance at Redmond Town Center for our daily $20 in giftcards walk. Money for nothin', gifts for free. 

After his highness was in bed I played a bit of Starfield. There's a mechanic where you can take other people's ships by force and then add them to your fleet. An amusing bug was that whenever I spent any time in that ship there would still be dead bodies from its former owners strewn about.

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