Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Anchorage Fun Times

It was sometimes hard to gather the motivation to go out into the crisp Anchorage air when we were cozy at home base with a little snuggle man.

Luncheon was held at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop.

There was soup and sammies. I was pretty surprised at how cosmopolitan this place was. A lot of places that we've seen so far have been more... rough around the edges.

We decided to give Ernie a good learnin' at Anchorage Museum.

There was a kid's area for lil guys.

They had a lot of cool Native Alaskan stuff.

I liked this area a lot. You could pick up a telephone and hear audio and watch a retro news program about various Alaska topics. I think a couple were about the changes the discovery of oil brought to Alaska and how the people of the time thought about that. One bit was a bunch of interviews of citizens on their thoughts about what should be done with the state's oil revenue.

The history of Japan invading Alaska's Aleutian Islands during World War 2 is barely talked about compared to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I thought this was a very strange story with a St. Louis connection.

"The Mythical Billiken

The billiken is a good luck charm created by a Kansas City schoolteacher in 1908. At the height of the Nome Gold Rush, Inupiaq carvers in Nome began copying billiken figurines given to them by souvenir merchants. Before long, thousands were being sold in Alaska as figurines, earrings, letter openers, and over courtroom gavels. Their popularity as "Alaskan" charms peaked in the 1960s. The myth that these still-popular trinkets are traditional "Eskimo figures" is widespread."

The billiken is also the athletic mascot of Saint Louis University.

Today's hike was a little trip to Thunderbird Falls.

I did see a bird but it didn't seem to have any influence over thunder.

We went back to Wild Scoops. Luckily we were not accosted by shoplifters like yesterday.

Lydia likes ice cream a whole lot.

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