Thursday, October 19, 2023

Ernie the Boy Meets a Giant Bear

Today we pull up stakes and relocated our headquarters.

We went south to Seward, Alaska.

The views were quite nice.

We stopped at Hightower Pub on the way out of civilization to get some hot provisions.

I got biscuits and gravy with an egg on top because that is objectively the best food in the world. These were special though because they came with friggin' REINDEER SAUSAGE GRAVY. I love Alaska.

Ernie gnawed on some apple slices.

We then made a stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see what exactly was being conserved.

I think this was a muskox which was a new one for me.

I was most excited to see the brown bears. They were large.

Seward is a town of 2,700 people so we took what we could get restaurant wise. That being said the Highliner Restaurant was a cozy joint and everyone in there seemed to be both kind and to know eachother.

Poor Ernie is still getting the hang of swallowing food so he often makes a lot of strained faces while he's doing his important practicing.

I really liked the Seward airbnb. It had heated floors, a good view of the stars, and a hot tub. What else do you really need?

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