Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Baby Shark

For the past week or so we've been abusing a promotion at Redmond Town Center where if you take a Halloween photo and post it to social media you get a gift card. Today was both the last day of the promotion and a trick-or-treat event at the mall. We were too deep to stop now.

Ern donned one of his many of this year's costumes. Shark!

I just so happened to have a shark costume of my own.

Lydia put on her old Ariel costume. Zoe... was seaweed?

We are officially gift card rich. Now what to spend them on?

Lydia likes to play a game where she insists we watch a movie then passes out 15 minutes later. This time she was so certain that she could stay awake through Barbie that she even made me a bet. Then she fell asleep, I won the bet, and watched a lovely film by myself. That's a winner.

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