Sunday, October 15, 2023


We spent a lovely day exploring Anchorage, Alaska.

First we had to bundle up our lil boo. It was sunny but chilly.

Luckily Ernie didn't notice the 700 toys near the airbnb.

October is the off season around these parts, which meant we free reign of Trapper Jack's Trading Post.

Snow City Cafe was popping.

I have a rule where I eat biscuits and gravy at any opportunity. They essentially do not exist in Seattle.

I ordered a side of salmon cakes to blend in like a local.

We stopped at a liquor store to see what the local booze situation was like. Apparently crime so bad here that this place demanded that we scan our driver's license before they would buzz us in. That was a first for me.

There was a beautiful view of the mountains from the mall.

Star the Reindeer is Anchorage's unofficial mascot. He's a reindeer that lives in some guy's yard. I'm not sure if the multiple layers of fencing are meant to keep Star in or me out.

Ernie surveyed the ocean from Lyn Ary Park.

Everyone agreed that I was a very manly provider for my family when I brought home a couple pies from Hearth Artisan Pizza.

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