Sunday, October 08, 2023

Blue Eyed Brewskie Killers

We were on our way to tour some Ballard breweries and I had to insist upon a Fuji Bakery detour. We've driven past this place 10 times and bakeries always have weird grandma hours so I didn't want to pass up this opportunity.

I was not disappointed. They had a lot of cool stuff here, lots of which had a Japanese influence.

I would tempted by the Japanese convenience store style egg salad sandwich. I've eaten about 4 thousand of these from Ashikaga/Tokyo/Kyoto 7-11s.

I don't remember what we got but we ate it aggressively.

I'm a sucker for a passport. I'm almost ready to finish my stamps and claim what will likely be a disappointing prize for hitting a bunch of Ballard breweries. The real prize is the brewskies I met along the way.

I was trying to decide whose eye color Ernie has been blessed with.

More study is needed.

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