Monday, June 19, 2023

The Beavers of Juanita Bay Park

Today the big Ernie field trip was to Juanita Bay Park.

We saw a deer and I think a rabbit too. It was like the Garden of Eden over here.

Juanita Bay Park overlooks a quiet little corner of Lake Washington, where the water is calm enough for plants to grow and birds to roost. The four of us were admiring the scene when we noticed what I think were beavers swimming around and eating the lily pads like a big salad.

The walk from Juanita Bay Park to Juanita Beach Park is really nice.

Ernie likes his high contrast mobile so much that he gets really happy when you lay him on his changing table. To the point that if he's in a bad mood it's a good idea to change his diaper just to do a reset.

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