Monday, June 26, 2023

Eating in the Street

Is it me or is this guy getting cuter like every day?

I have been wanting to eat at Bai Tong Thai Street Cafe for a minute. Really any restaurant that includes the words "street cafe" in the name is intriguing. It's just so real and gritty. Will I get mugged inside? Who knows, all kinds of things can happen on the street.

One of the highlights of this place is the cocktails so I did not waste any time. This baby was a 

"Tamarind spiced sour
Thai chili infused vodka, orange liqueur, tamarind puree, fresh lime, fresh orange, soda, salted rim"

We got a side of sticky rice and it came in a plastic bag.

I pretty much crushed it with ordering. I may have cheated and looked up what to get online though. This was the 

"Gai Hor Bai Toey
Wrapped in a pandan leaf and fried in hot oil, these delectable, bite-sized chicken pieces are a traditional Thai favorite. Served with a special homemade sweet sauce for dipping."

"Crispy Garlic Chicken
Juicy-on-the-inside and crispy on the-outside chicken pieces are stir-fried with a honey-infused mix of garlic and topped with crisped basil leaves and chopped red bell peppers."

It was someone's birthday and the staff put a lot of effort into it.

I asked our waitress to bring me a drink that was appropriate for my level of manliness and she quickly brought out an "Under the Moonlight" consisting of St. Germain Elderflower, Cointreau, lime, hibiscus juice, and hibiscus syrup.

My lil dude was getting jealous of our meal so he got to eat too. Lydia is getting much more comfortable and efficient feeding him in public which I am very thankful for.

Out of nowhere a robot started serving some of the other tables. I got stuck dealing with a smelly "human" server. Yucky.

The girls had this Bua Loy coconut milk rice ball desert thing.

Like the day before Zoe came to visit she secured a job out here in the Seattle area, and she found herself an apartment in Capitol Hill. There's like an underground railroad situation developing of people trying to escape the oppression of St. Louis.

Ernie is continuing on his journey. He moves his arms and legs around a lot more and he likes to be set down more in order to do so. Will get fussy if you hold him too long. Has just started to be able to clumsily get his hand to his mouth to suck on it. Sometimes he tries so long that I take pity on him and move his hand to his mouth for him.

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