Sunday, June 18, 2023

Strawberries and Scammy Corndogs

One thing that's fun about Washington is that some of the agricultural products are different than those in the midwest. If I've ever been strawberry picking before it was a long time ago.

I sort of thought picking your own fruit was sort of a boring old white people activity but now I realize it's like an extreme sport for cool dudes that very likely could lead to my own death. But at least I would die doing what I love, bending over and picking up dirty fruit in a field.

Biringer Farm in Arlington was the site of my almost assured death today.

Something something picked the sweetest berry of them all.

Apples are one thing but strawberries are quite small so this was actually a lot of work,

We stayed on brand and next headed over to Marysville for the Marysville Strawberry Festival.

I was excited to have a corndog or some other fair food as it had been a while. The prices at these places were laughable. I don't know what the heck was going on. These people wanted $16 for curly fries.

We did end up finding one little stall run by Knights of Columbus or some similar charity club that was selling strawberry shortcakes for a reasonable price. Other than that I don't think there was even any reference to strawberries at this strange place.

We went to town to find some more reasonably priced fare. We first stopped in at 5 Rights Brewing Company for a brew.

We ended up eating at Dos Agaves Mexican Restaurant, and the day was saved.

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