Thursday, June 29, 2023

Shots then Communion

Big Ern had a big milestone today. He went and got his first round of immunizations. While it's sad he had to cry and get jabbed in the legs a bunch of times, I do get a sense of relief knowing that he's getting some protection from some nasty bugs. Also we were waiting for this before we took him on any planes so now he's good to go. He got some official measurements at the doctor's office which I'm always excited about. He weighed 16.9 lbs which was 99th percentile for kids his age. 25in long which is 100 percentile and had a 99 percentile head circumference.

To celebrate Lydia cooking me a giant cute baby we went to her favorite restaurant apparently in the whole city: Communion.

For a little appetizer I got us a plate of 

"Unc's wings
Marinated in our house Sez' blend, fried to perfection. RIP Uncle Mad Dog: the undisputed king of all deep fried foods."

I went with the 
"Gumbo Z'herbes
Stewed greens in a gumbo base, served with Dungeness crab, prawns, hotlinks, and braised brisket served with Chinese donuts."

Lydia got

"Hella filthy rice
A true Southern dish done the "CD" way. Filled with Lao sausage, bell pepper, onion, celery & spices, dirty rice is richly savory. Add catfish filet + $13"

Meanwhile Zoe was watching our human pin cushion. Those little bandaids on his thighs are so sad.

When the bread pudding came out I quickly recovered from my sadness.

Kirkland painted a pride flag in the street near the lake and it was quickly defaced.

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