Friday, June 16, 2023

I am the Strangest Thing

With my dude in good hands at home, we headed out for an adventure.

We headed to Seattle for a very exciting destination: Stranger Things: the Experience. It was very cool and very immersive. You start off doing a sleep study run by Hawkins National Laboratory. There were live actors leading you through some sciency stuff when paranormal things start happening. It was a very good mix of real life and digital effects. At one point, for example, you can see demogorgons chasing scientists down the halls and eating them, so to keep the room you are in secure you are asked to stack up a bunch of benches in front of the door to keep monsters out. It was super cool.

After the scheduled programming was concluded and the world was saved, you are let out into an area almost as exciting as the last. It's all 80s mall styled, with shops and video games and food. It was great.

We were able to gather a surprisingly large group of friends together to come with us.

Lydia wanted to have an immersive experience at Scoops Ahoy. The workers came correct with little sailor outfits.

All the arcade games were free. If I didn't have a little demogorgon at home I could have stayed here for hours.

This place was so much fun and I would highly recommend it.

Don't eat me!

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