Saturday, June 17, 2023

Dinin and Winin

Giving Ernie a bath is quite a production and visitors are always excited to help.

Ernie doesn't like being cold so getting him out of the tub and dry has to be a mission executed with military precision.

I head through the grapevine that the flagship Costco in Issaquah recently started a pilot program making sushi in-house. When we got there it was evident that a few other people had also heard this. There was a long line snaking around the inside of the building.

Sushi elves

They rolled out a big cart of sushi and it was destroyed by the line waiters. I don't know if it was sashimi or something else special... but I figured out that there was sushi sitting in the case to the right there... so I walked to the front of the line, took some, then walked away.

This was what I wanted the whole time anyway so this was a great development: California roll with real crab!! Fake crab is a fish hotdog and in my opinion is the bane of sushi and should be against the law.

We stopped by Issaquah's Boehm's Candies on the way home.

Apparently Blippi is a kids show Youtuber who may be based in the area. Anyway they were selling packs that a kid could take home, eat the candy, and watch a corresponding episode on the show about how the candy is made.

They have a little self guided tour thing out back where you can watch some videos about the candy making process and learn all the things.

We finished up the day with a nice Italian dinner at Chianti.

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