Sunday, June 25, 2023

Seattle Pride

Today we checked out the Seattle Pride Parade downtown.

We went to a food truck area and instead of "food" we got a bowl of friggin cookie dough like a couple of delinquents. I'm proud of my love of unhealthy things. I overheard someone complaining that there was no alcohol anywhere. That's because this city, and perhaps also the state, was founded by Salem witch trial puritans that hate fun and every night go home and hate themselves most of all.

One awakening that I had during this parade is just how many flags these people have. Each group had their own and some of them I could not decipher.

Emily is in town visiting and met up with us at one of my favorite Ballard breweries: Lucky Envelope Brewing. They always have such fun flavors to try.

These people are such losers that even some of the breweries have stupid rules about not bringing babies inside. Cool I guess I'll never be back here then. Enjoy.

Luckily I still have my Bud Light pride shirt from back in my A-B days. It has become sort of a thing these days, though. They did a campaign featuring a trans person, then all the hillbillies got mad, then they tried to walk it back, then all the lefties got mad. Pretty much everyone but me is mad at them these days. I did not get punched in the face today though so that was good. Honestly the people out here might not even know what Bud Light is.

Luckily for Ernie we do not have an age limit at our apartment.

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