Saturday, June 10, 2023

Sake Tasting with Ern-Kun

I was excited to read that Woodinville had a new sake brewery among its sea of wineries. Let's check that baby out.

This place exceeded my expectations. Shirafuji Sake Brewery was founded in 1650 in Fukushima. The current members of the family were forced to leave after the nuclear accident there. They were very legit, serving sake in kimonos.

We tried pretty much everything on the menu, then they started bringing us things that weren't on the menu at all. Derek and Gabby were in attendance for the fun times as well.

I had to google "hire sake" and once I realized it was hot sake poured over a puffer fish fin, I was in.

There was a bit of pageantry to the hirezake. They covered it and waited for some of the alcohol from the hot sake to evaporate, then lit it on fire. The execution left something to be desired but I appreciated the effort. Maybe the sake isn't high enough proof for any fireworks to occur.

Back at the ranch Ernie was having some trouble sleeping. I think he was still mad that we didn't let him have any sake. You can see in this video how he rudely stares at nearby lights when he should be looking at his caring dad while he's speaking.

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