Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Living Large with the Seattle Storm

Ernie's last set of grandparents came to town with Uncle Sam in tow. Adding in the fact that Aunt Zozo was already staying with us: there were a lot of new faces for Ernie to learn.

So I recently took my friend Michael along with me for some fun times with Tom Hanks. Being a real one, Michael turned around and gave me an awesome invite to sit in Symetra's Tunnel Club seating at today's Seattle Storm WNBA game. What a guy.

It was a tough situation because on one hand I wanted to make use of the fancy parking pass to park in the same lot that Amazon CEO Andy Jassy uses. On the other hand I wanted to drink my face off with complimentary wine, beer, and spirits. I chose face removal.

The Storm do a unique thing where they have children line the hall and high five the players when they come out of the locker room. Fun for them, hard to see for me. Oh well, I'll get over it. I especially love visiting the Tunnel Clubs as I used to work in them, groveling for rich people.

Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird were in attendance.

The Storm quickly showed that they were here to be just obliterated by the Los Angeles Sparks. This was unfortunate but on the bright side it made our trips back to the club for refreshments feel like less of a betrayal. Like I imagine the team would prefer we not see all of what is happening to them on the court today.

Michael and I were minding our own business, drinking everything that wasn't nailed down back in the lounge and soaking it up with free food, when one of the staff came in, closed the door behind them, and told us we weren't allowed to leave. This lasted the whole damn 4th quarter and was very lame. Apparently some nut job tried to get onto the court or something. I don't know what that had to do with us, and I don't know why it took an entire quarter to arrest said person. It must not have been too big of a threat because they continued the game as if nothing was happening. More likely it was the Climate Pledge Arena staff being the clowns I am certain that they are. On the plus side, the Storm somehow turned it around and ended up winning the game. Hurray!

An even bigger win was coming home to see my boy and give him a bottle.

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