Thursday, June 22, 2023

Ern and Lydia Living Their Best Life

It's nice to know that while I'm slaving away at work that these two are living their best lives. Taking naps..

and lounging by the pool.

My official Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser formal tunic came in. It makes me feel like a space samurai.

Ernie's Springfield grandparents are always excited to see him on Facetime.

They're busy playing with their cherry tree at the moment.

The sweet hairdo I bestowed on Ern yesterday is thankfully persisting.

He's starting to resemble his namesake.

The work-from-home phenomenon brought on by covid is persisting long after covid ended, much to my deep satisfaction. It's causing issues in the commercial real estate business which really keeps me up at night. Anyway one such building having tough times is the location of my first job in St. Louis. That place felt pretty bustling when I worked there, to the point that we would even have food trucks parked outside catering to us. It is very weird to see it now fallen on hard times.

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