Sunday, September 19, 2021

Fremont Fun

So we worked Fremont Oktoberfest Friday, drank delicious beers at the festival on Saturday, and we were back for more Fremont action on Sunday. One reason was that one of the perks we got for working there was a parking pass that was good all weekend. Being unable to turn down a free thing may catch up with me eventually but today is not that day.

Fremont has a Sunday Market that we hit first. Kind of a farmer's market with a lot of other stuff going on as well.

There was a large amount of thrift shop stuff being sold in a parking garage that I thought was fun. 

There's a giant 16 foot tall, 7 ton statue of Lenin that a guy bought in Czechoslovakia. He had to chop it into three pieces in order to ship it over here. I think it's pretty awesome and fun to see such a thing in the US. Some high level genius has dipped his fingers in bloody red paint to remind us that he was a bad guy. Thank you so much. Now we know. Now get a job.

Yesterday we visited the giant rocket attached to a building. This one has a giant planet to match.

We were very boba thirsty after all that statue watching.

Boba thirst can sometimes metastasize into beer thirst. Unfortunately at this late stage of the ailment there is only one cure.

Gas Works Park is notable because it preserves the remnants of a plant that converted coal into gas that closed in 1956.

Not a bad looking city at all. I might just make myself at home.

We took a long uphill walk to get to Caribbean sandwich shop Paseo. After ordering the cashier told us that today was customer appreciation day and that everything was free, marking it as one of the best days of my life.

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