Friday, September 17, 2021

Fremont Oktoberfest

After the fun times we had working the Kirkland Uncorked wine festival, signing up to work Oktoberfest in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood was a no-brainer.

The company that manages these events seems to be much more organized than festivals we've been involved with in St. Louis.

Festivals around here seem to be pretty strict about some dumb state law that says we can't drink while serving. It is especially stupid because guests will ask us our opinions on the different beers and we have to say we have no idea what the beers taste like. Someone please inform Washington's state government that prohibition is over and the squares lost.

The thing about a festival full of drunkards is that they aren't great about keeping track of their beer punch cards. We helped out with the litter. Keep Seattle beautiful! The deal with volunteering is you work a shift then you can come back the next day an revel.

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