Monday, September 13, 2021

Cootie Scare and Burger Medicine

Yesterday at the fair one of the various tchotchkes I picked up was a Washington State Patrol air freshener. When I realized I couldn't smell it I was concerned I may have the cooties.

I borrowed one of the at-home tests Lydia has to take every week for school and popped it into my nose.

My very first at home test came up negative. That's cool but now I don't know if I had covid earlier or just had a stuffy nose or what the deal is.

We had our first experience at Burgermaster. With a name like Burgermaster, I was expecting something pretty real, and I think they delivered. It was a cool old timey drive-in format where you eat in your car.

Bellevue Mall has a taiyaki ice cream place coming. How exciting.

Gas in the Seattle area is pretty expensive, so we try to buy it cheaper at Costco at every opportunity.

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