Thursday, September 02, 2021

A Very Holy Hike

Today we hiked around Saint Edward State Park to see the sights.

The Saint Edward Seminary is an unmissable feature of the park. The school closed in 1977, fell into disrepair, then underwent a $57 million renovation to turn it into a hotel and restaurant. Finally they found some productive to do with seminaries.

Ever knowledgeable Wikipedia says that a "proposal by McMenamins to develop the main building into a hotel, restaurant, and conference center was withdrawn in spring of 2007 due to backlash from the Citizens for Saint Edward Park."

Once we got far enough away from Hogwarts the place started looking like a proper park. 

Washington's trails are funny because even when they are rated as easy they are often a bit strenuous just due to the amount of elevation involved. Everything is so damn hilly here. I did realize how easy I had it back in the Midwest.

We checked out the local outpost of fancy pants ice cream chain Salt & Straw. They have a lot of weird fun flavors but I'm too scared to get more than just a taste of any of them. If I'm going to go all in on a cone investment it's going to be a tried and true chocolate flavor, not something weird.

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