Friday, September 03, 2021

Fish Ice Cream then Chicago

I made some plans to hang out with my Chicago crew back when I lived in St. Louis. Obviously it was much less of a commitment than when I lived on the other side of the continent two time zones away. But being the actual best friend on earth I decided to stick to my schedule and just book a flight over there.

On our way to the airport we had some business to attend to. Lydia recently discovered taiyaki, which are Japanese treats consisting of waffle type dough cooked into the shape of a fish then filled with a delicious cream or bean paste. Well some friggin genius thought that wasn't going far enough. They crafted this waffle fish to have its mouth open so that we could put ice cream in there!

Matcha Man is a fantastic name for this place as well.

I had to get the classic matcha tea flavored ice cream with a red bean paste filling. It's a classic!

I told a tearful Lydia farewell and to not touch none of my stuff while I was gone.

Seattle's airport has one of those joints where you can use your Priority Pass lounge card at a real restaurant so I checked out this Trail Head BBQ Bar joint. The food wasn't terrible. Especially considering it was airport food.

The plane had a fun international trivia game I used to waste some time.

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