Friday, September 10, 2021

Discovery and then Refreshments

Today we took a little stroll in Discovery Park. The largest Seattle public park, the land used to be Fort Lawton and is named after the HMS Discovery, commanded by Captain George Vancouver during the first European exploration of Puget Sound in 1792.

These mushrooms looked like a pile of delicious hamburger buns.

Later we checked out Figurehead Brewing Company. Seattle has an embarrassment of brewery riches. There are so many places to explore. Unfortunately IPAs are a plague with a strong hold on this land. Figurehead is one of the good guys though:"

At Figurehead Brewing Company our beers are focused on showcasing all the ingredients that go into beer, especially malt and yeast which sometimes get overshadowed by aggressive hopping. Don't get us wrong, we love hops and we always have a couple IPAs on tap, but we also have lots of English and Belgian inspired ales. All of our beers are well balanced and highly drinkable because we want to be your neighborhood brewery and we want to see you on a regular basis."

Another welcome practice in these parts is that food trucks are often parked out front of breweries. Today's fare was provided by Midnight Ramen which I think is hands down the most authentic ramen I've experienced outside of Japan. The people working inside of it were Japanese and they even went to the trouble of having different flavors from different parts of Japan.

I could get used to this ramen life. There was some bao bun action that I don't think is very Japanese but I will tolerate it this one time for the sake of science.

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