Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Busy International Day

So on our first trip to the Washington State Fair we were unable to secure the delicious Fisher brand fair scones. That was unacceptable, so I bought a mix and made them at home.


We checked out the Festa Italiana in the Seattle Center.

So festive.

A big draw for me was a barefoot grape squishing competition. I've always thought that this looked amusing.

Next we headed to the International District. I want to say the occasion was a postponed Lunar New Year festival... something to do with covid. 

The strong Asian influence was one of the things that drew me to move to Seattle in the first place.

I've seen this McDonald's food truck out before and mocked it. Then I realized they are solely there to give food away. I'm lovin' it!

We were crazy people today and the next stop was the Frye Art Museum. There were a lot of events happening all at once and we just said: I'll take one of each please. 

Gabriel von Max' Botaniker(The Botanists) ca. 1900-1915.

We then returned to claim our free Kirkland Oktoberfest free volunteer tickets.

We met up with another new couple of friends at this festival: Michael and Miriam. Miriam is also a teacher so she and Lydia could talk shop.

I was impressed with the giant horn this German band was rocking.

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