Monday, September 06, 2021

Kayaking the Chicago

We grabbed some banh mi for lunch. It was quite an ordeal. We went to several places but apparently banh mi is the only food available in Chicago on Mondays. Poor guys.

Sus, Brandon, Natalie and I all kayaked the Chicago River.

That blob in the middle of the river is Goose Island, which I thought was just a beer company and didn't know was an actual place.

After all of that pain to get those damn banh mi sammies, they gave Natalie one with meat. She doesn't eat meat, and rather than just throw it away she sat and meticulously removed the meat so she could eat the bread. Sad!

People in Chicago are so economically challenged that they are forced to drink po milk just to make ends meet.

I think I may have some people buried here. We keeps it Bohemian, not Austro-Hungarian Imperial, up in here.

There was a simple choice at hand.

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