Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Kirkland Oktoberfest Bamboozle

At this point there wasn't really a booze festival volunteer opportunity that we were prepared to turn down. Kirkland has several tasting events throughout the year and they are always conveniently within walking distance from our place.

There's this part next door to the library that is comically well used. People of all different walks of life are using the park in different ways and it reminds me of a like architect's imagined sketch of a place he wants to build.

A nice thing about these festivals is they always give you a volunteer t-shirt. Kirkland Oktoberfest was no exception. My clothing budget is pretty flush right now.

The t-shirt goat character was done by local big deal artist Ryan Henry Ward. He has a distinctive cartoon animal style that I see everywhere.

Speaking of serving no purpose, we had nothing to do at this festival. We talked to our handlers about it a couple of times and they moved us around to different booths but they were all fully staffed. We finally just stopped asking and sat on a bench and chilled for a while.

We then took a drastic step of sneaking out, buying ice cream at the nearby QFC, and went home to eat it. We then snuck back in right before our shift was over to clock out in an excellently executed caper.

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