Friday, March 04, 2022

I Am Bogey Boy

I saw on some advertisement somewhere that Seattle native rapper Macklemore was going to be doing a meet and greet at the Seattle Golf Show. I love Macklemore and his "Thrift Shop" single was pretty much my anthem for a minute. I think I must now officially qualify as a real fan because I hate golf but bought two tickets to the Seattle Golf Show.

Well I wanted some cool clothes for when I became best friends with Macklemore, so we went to a Capitol Hill pop up store selling his golfy themed clothing line: Bogey Boys. It was a pretty cool store, complete with a golf cart and a putting green.

It's a little bit amusing that one of Macklemore's biggest hit songs is about thrifting and not spending a bunch of money on designer clothes, which he is now pimping, but he was operating a thrift shop in the basement of the building as well. I think that must at least balance out his karma in this instance.

With my new digs secured, we hit a bar in town that we'd never been to before. Stella is a cozy little bar situated in the Hotel Sorrento. I believe the reason that we were here was to listen to a jazz band play Disney tunes or something, but that area was full, so we checked this area out a bit.

Our last stop of the night was the dive bar Sam's Tavern. This place seems pretty lively and has a lot of events, so I definitely would like to come back sometime. 

My team at Microsoft is in charge of cutting off access to a lot of our products in the event of an international trade dispute, and we've been very busy pulling the plug on a lot of relationships with Russian entities in the wake of their invasion of Ukraine.

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