Sunday, March 20, 2022

Hot Tub Boat!

Spencer met up with Zoe and then we showed the two of them around town.

Pike Place Market is a classic.

We went up into the space needle. I had just done it with my friends Viry and Lolo without Lydia and she was super jealous so me unnecessarily attending this time was her consolation prize. Sad.

If the Space Needle is good enough for Elvis and Nixon it's good enough for you.

I unfortunately had to inform Lydia that the time I came here without her it was so clear you could see all the way to Japan and today it was all cloudy and rainy. Sad.

At some point Zoe could no longer handle the height and went back down.

We still managed to take a few pictures with her.

Fremont Troll

I was super excited about a hot tub boat ride with the expertly named Lake Union Hot Tub Boats company.

The company even has a little cameo in the new Macklemore single's music video and that sealed that deal. Next deal please.

The boat is heated by burning not logs but like... big smoker pellet looking things. Maybe they're like compressed sawdust or something hippy like that. You could open or close the cover depending on how hot you wanted it to be. It turned out to be pretty cold today so we had this baby blasting the whole time.

I luckily found a sweet captain's hat yesterday and so was ready to take command.

The Seattle skyline really started to pop over Lake Union when the sun went down.

Some of the icy cold waves were making it over the very low hull of our craft and chilling our tub down. Not cool.

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