Thursday, March 17, 2022

Much too Moist for Me

I learned that Fremont's Hale's Ales Brewery was soon closing after almost 40 years in the business at the same time that I learned of its existence. 

Also closing is the adjacent venue Hale's Palladium. We bought tickets to the annual comedy/variety show Moisture Festival to check this whole thing out before it's gone forever.

The thing was kind of fun but also pretty amateurish. We gave it a chance until intermission but then figured we'd have better luck entertaining ourselves in a less moist location.

We played a round of mini golf at the South Lake Union branch of Flatstick Pub. We bought a lifetime golf membership at the Seattle Golf Show after making friends with Macklemore, so I foresee a lot of golfy good times in our future.

It's located in an old Ford Lincoln car dealership.

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