Sunday, March 06, 2022

MuscleFest Goes to Musselfest

Today we hit the Penn Cove Musselfest in Coupeville, Washington.

Coupeville is located on Whidbey Island. We drove the long way around and took the bridge rather than mess with ferries today. The ferry is the Amtrak of the water. It's amusing but too slow and unreliable if you actually care when you're going to arrive.

My favorite part of the day was taking this tour of the mussel farm. I don't know what my deal is but I love learning how agricultural products are made. Most products I guess because car, beer, and chocolate factories are all pretty cool too. Anyway. It was fun.

The way it works is they seed the mussels on these long ropes that are tied to floating platforms.

Then when they want to harvest a certain amount of mussels they just pull up some of the ropes the adult mussels are living on.

This was like a floating mussel harvesting machine.

Back on land we were compelled to go to Front Street Grill and devour some of the creatures whose homes we'd just visited. What monsters we are.

We got two orders of mussels this time:

Copenhagen mussels
Butter, shallots, garlic, bacon, spinach, bleu cheese, cream and sun dried tomatoes

Coconut green curry mussels
A unique secret blend that comprises our signature dish here at FSG! A little kick of spice as well!

Somehow Lydia's accumulation of bad karma attracted a deer that seemed to have nefarious ends.

After our marathon all nighter Myst adventure, Seago and I moved on to a game that I've been curious about since maybe the 90s. It was... very bad.

Pyst is a parody of Myst that against all logic features live video of the great St. Louis native John Goodman.

In an even further display of ridiculousness the game has a theme song sung by the very same John Goodman. It seems to have been written by a person with no knowledge of either game.

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