Saturday, March 05, 2022

I'm Macklemore's New Best Friend

The Seattle Golf Show at Washington State Convention Center was probably about how you would imagine: full of booths advertising golf courses, resorts, golf clubs, etc.

I didn't super care about any of that though. I was primarily here to see Macklemore. We found the line and I was so worried about not making the cut that I started waiting immediately, even though he wouldn't arrive for another hour or so. I think Lydia was annoyed that I was so intent on waiting, despite the fact that I freed her to look around if she wished. I just didn't want to have bought my Bogey Boys gear last night, driven all the way over here, bought tickets, and then somehow miss my chance to meet the man.

Things were not very well organized, but everything ended up working out. The line got very long behind us so I was happy with my decision to start queuing when I did. Some of the people in line ahead of us were there to get autographs, which I hadn't even considered. They did point me to a autograph hunters Facebook group which I've found useful. I don't care about autographs but it's a good way to keep an eye on fun upcoming events.

Macklemore was super nice. I was one of the few people in line wearing his Bogey Boys gear and he noticed and said that it looked good on me which was awesome. I think he mentioned something that I wasn't doing my peace sign at the right angle as him in this photo which was funny. It was a really fun interaction despite the fact that we didn't talk about anything profound. I never know what to say to famous people when I meet them. Oh well. I was a little bit annoyed that we had to wear these damn masks for the photo, but you can still tell it's him so whatever. I bought the shirt he's wearing last night as well. It would have been really funny if we both showed up in the same shirt.

Back in Kirkland at the Kirkland Urban shopping area near our place, Google has moved in and put up big signs everywhere. I'm thirty to work here and super jealous of other people that do, so seeing their offices all the time is kind of damaging. Like seeing an ex girlfriend out partying or something.

We had some friends over for games and Lydia made an awesome charcuterie board.

I bought a king cake to celebrate our Frenchy St. Louis Mardi Gras heritage.

Our friends like to play Mexican train dominoes. This was a slight bit tamer than past Mardi Gras celebrations we've had...

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