Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Your Arena is a Wonderland

Today's big ticket item was seeing John Mayer live at Climate Pledge Arena. Now, I haven't been back to the scene of the crime since I got fired from my job here for talking to Dave Chappelle, so I felt very weird about returning. It was kind of like going back to your ex-girlfriend's house.

This is random but my Aunt Rita is a very nice lady and randomly sends me scans of old pictures of me. Pictures of me are among my top five favorite types of pictures.

I was sort of dreading seeing someone that I know, but on the plus side most of the people I know work in the rich people seats, and we definitely were not headed there today. Another funny thing is that when and if I do see someone I recognize, they are in their silly uniform and I am dressed like a human, so I have a huge advantage is identifying them. Also masks were required the entire time I worked there, so some of my coworkers have maybe never seen my entire face. The perfect scenario to do more Dave Chappelle related crimes.

We were in the cheap seats but I actually thought it was kind of cool to see him from this angle. I could see how everything was set up on the stage, and the screens gave me plenty of close ups of everything.

Going to shows for people like John Mayer who has some hits but who I wouldn't seek out is fun because I am surprised which songs I like that I did not know that particular artists played.

I didn't get kicked out or fired again so I counted the experience a success overall. I did not get paid to be there, and in fact had to pay them money, which was weird. I think I'm glad I'm on this side of the zoo's bars though.

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