Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Touring the Microsoft Office

I currently work "at" Microsoft but in a "work from home" capacity, so I've never actually seen the office that my coworkers inhabited before covid crashed through everyone's lives. My very friendly boss Roger invited me over to Redmond Town Center for a little tour of the place. I was excited to check the place out but I would also like to continue working from home, so this was a delicate situation.

Microsoft has a fleet of buses, little buses, and taxi looking things shuttling employees around their various campuses.

We checked out the snack area. I think the actual food cost money and was self checkout but the drinks were free.

I couldn't resist putting my winnings in a little Microsoft shopping bag. The work spaces were pretty normal, nothing crazy. My team does a lot of anti-counterfeiting work and so does sting test buys from people they suspect are peddling bogus stuff. So there was a large locker full of different electronics that were serving as evidence for investigations.

Later that evening we played some bingo at Kirkland's branch of miniature golf joint Flatstick Pub.

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