Thursday, March 10, 2022

Japanese Italian Food

I was mostly excited about visiting Japaneses steakhouse Kokkaku in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle because I was craving a steak and the Japanese angle sounded like extra fun.

I was secondarily excited to have dinner here because I noticed that they had this on the menu:

Japanese bagna cauda with Saikyo Miso dipping
Assorted vegetables, radish mix, Saikyo Miso sauce

Bagna Cauda is an Italian dipping sauce made with garlic, butter, and anchovies, introduced to me by my friend Seago from Gillespie, Illinois. I guess it was popular in that area. Anyway I knew that the concept of a Japanese miso pretending to be bagna cauda would trigger him and that would give me maybe even more enjoyment than the food itself. This was really good.

I don't recall what I ordered but I can confirm it was good and meaty.

The war in Ukraine has caused an embargo on Russian oil plus there's some inflation happening and the result is some pretty high gas prices. I'd like to buy an electric car one of these days.

Wordle is the hit craze game that all the cool kids are playing these days. You have so many guesses to figure out a word. Its popularity has spawned a whole bunch of copycats. Semantle is kind of interesting where you guess words and it tells you how related your word is to the secret word.

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