Saturday, March 19, 2022

Zoe in Tacoma

Zoe and her boyfriend Spencer were coming to visit but she got here first, so we spent some fun times with her around the city.

Archie McPhee is a fun shop full of all kind of junk. It's like an independently run version of Spencer's at the mall.

Two truly majestic and elusive creatures.

We have a boat related engagement later on our calendar so I was excited to find this captain's hat.

The store, true to character, featured a rubber chicken museum in back.

The store is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of the great city of Seattle, and this is the Wallingford Beast.

We headed south and did a nice hike in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington.

There were some deer near the trail that were very comfortable with people. I was very comfortable with them so we had a little chill session for a while.

Since buying my McMenamins passport, I'm not sure if not going to a McMenamins every single day will kill me but I also don't want to risk it. This time we visited the Elks Temple.

These guys make their own beer, wine, and spirits. I did a whiskey flight this time.

McMenamins locations, especially the larger ones, are fun because they pack all sorts of different bars, restaurants, and entertainments into them. The basement had a really cool place called the Old Hangout which had a tiki bar vibe happening.

I didn't need three beers but I did appreciate the fact they would arrive in an ammo box.

See, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a conservationist!

The properties are always covered with cool references to the other locations.

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