Sunday, January 23, 2022

Tacoma: the Aroma of Fun

Before we moved to Washington we looked into living in Tacoma as a way to cut living expenses so it's amusing to think about what our life might be like now if we had. I'm extremely happy we went with Kirkland. 

One of the funnier reasons that I'm glad I don't live in Tacoma is the famous Tacoma Aroma, a sulfury stink that people blame on the Simpson Tacoma Kraft pulp and paper mill. Wiki: "During a concert stop at the Tacoma Dome in the mid-1980s, Bruce Springsteen reported the odor was so overwhelming that he was forced to leave town early."

Today our main objective was to visit the Washington State History Museum, which lives in a building adjacent to the 1911 Union Station building.

Puget Sound was named after Captain Vancouver's lieutenant.

There was a good section about the various industries that helped the area grow. Lumber was a big one, and I think that's a reason the airplane industry succeeded here as well, since planes were initially made of wood.

Dale Chihuly was born in Tacoma and they seem pretty excited about that fact. That conical thing is the Museum of Glass, and we crossed the Chihuly Bridge of Glass to get over there.

There's a courthouse operating out of Union Station now.

We did a little brewery crawl after that, starting at E9 Brewing Co.

7 Seas Brewing was one of my favorites, as they had a lot of cool historical objects to look at and the beer featured some fun flavors.

Sig Brewing Company

They had a fun little wood fired oven happening back there.

I watched some video about the making of Myst and got fascinated with the 1993 game all over again. I don't think I ever beat it back in the day so I roped Seago into playing it with me.

Things got out of hand and we stayed up super late playing it. 

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