Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Best Brewery Ever

We continued our winning streak of me working during the day at Keith's house then crushing Colorado breweries during the night.

Einstein is just a photogenic dude.

We got dinner at Cheba Hut "Toasted" Subs. They had some interesting artwork.

Weldwerks Brewing in Greeley, CO is the brewery of the gods. They ain't playin no "we have both kinds of beer, light brown and dark brown" nonsense. They're on that "two of our beers make a balanced breakfast" mission.

I drank this one so fast I forgot to write down what the heck it was.

Ok the second round I got:

Schwarzbier- German style black lager

Fil*bert- Milk stout brewed with toasted hazelnut, milk chocolate, chocolate fudge, milk sugar, and graham cracker. If you were a fan of fudgy grahams, you'll likely enjoy this familiar hazelnut take on...

Hubba Hubba Peanut Budda- Inspired by the King's favorite snack, we brewed this milk stout with peanut flour, banana puree, and milk sugar

Barrel-Aged Wassail- Barrel-aged winter warmer brewed with orange peels + spices & aged for 14 months in 4-8 year-old Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels

While checking on the packaged selection I was excited to see this baby:

Bubble Wrap- Each of the four breweries custom-blended a base barrel aged stout using thread from each of the other breweries, then also created their own adjuncted version, meaning there are a total...

One of the breweries in question was St. Louis' very own Side Project. I thought that was pretty baller especially considering how far away they are.

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