Friday, January 14, 2022

Escape to Denver

Keith invited me on his skiing trip multiple times which I thought was nice. I couldn't believe he wasn't sick of my face by now after staying at his house for most of a week. I declined though. I'd recently bought a ski pass for a place near Seattle that was pretty expensive so I wasn't interested in any more ski related outlays. Plus I didn't have any warm enough clothes here in Colorado. Lastly I'd already booked a hotel for a couple nights in Denver and I was excited to take a look around.

I heard breakfast burritos were like the food of the Colorado gods so I drove to town to pick some up as a partial thank you to my gracious hosts.

I booked a room at the Curtis which was fun and full of pop culture stuff. There was even a room that had arcade games in it but I think it wasn't available.

I decided to do a walkabout sort of barcrawl and see the city sights.

Coors Field looked inviting. I think the people that roadtrip to all of the baseball stadiums may be on to something. Going to games in other cities is pretty fun.

The Denver Central Market is fun and filled with all sorts of little eateries.

I ate some gnocchi al telefono.

The creatively named wine bar the Infinite Monkey Theorem was classily furnished and came complete with some antique typewriters.

Even the elevators at the hotel were fun.

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