Wednesday, January 12, 2022

All the Breweries All the Beer

Today in Colorado we really went crazy and switched it up... no we didn't we went to more breweries. I guess Keith and I's friendship is built on beer so it's fitting that that is nearly the only thing we do together.

Keith had a respectable board game library going. I like playing games but man I don't want to have to carry this many of them around.

We hit Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO which I was pretty impressed with.

I especially liked how organized and colorful their flights were. It seems like good branding/business as well. I'm much more likely to grab one of these in the supermarket now that I've seen the label.

There was a lot of fun hoppy metal work all over the place.

Sweetwater isn't local so I wasn't sorry when we got there and they were closing soon.

Around this point we lost Keith to some work social event so Becky and I were on our own in the mean streets.

Lucky Joe's was so Irish that there were a couple of dudes playing bagpipes and a random girl who just happened to know how to dance Irishy popped up and started twirling around.

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