Thursday, January 13, 2022

Shopping then Beering

Keith was about to go skiing for maybe the first time, but either way he didn't have the necessary clothing so we all headed to Sierra, which amazingly is like TJ Maxx where they sell discount stuff but it was exclusively for cold weather outdoor gear.

I was impressed with how popular skiing must be here to support this type of joint.

All that shopping left us parched so we knocked back a couple at Stodgy Brewing Company. The atmosphere there was very grandma's house with cozy couches and such.

These guys were having another of their famous deep conversations. I couldn't get a word in.

We hit a liquor store on the way home.

What will those geniuses at Anheuser-Busch think of next?

The treasures I brought back from the store included more winners from my favorite Colorado brewery, Weldwerks. This one had an awesome name to go with the fun flavor: Churro laser sword fight sour wheat ale which was brewed with churros, cinnamon, milk sugar and Madagascar vanilla.

S'Mores Achromatic was part of a fancy line from the same brewery. "Striving to reach new levels of decadence. s'mores achromatic is an imperial stout brewed with unreasonable amounts of chocolate malt, flaked oats, toasted marshmallows, milk chocolate, and graham cracker. We boil for more than 6 hours to achieve the unbelievably rich, chewy, thick mouthfeel of the base beer, which is made even more creamy by a generous addition of flaked oats. Then we aged the final beer on more than 5 lbs per barrel of toasted marshmallows, along with milk chocolate bar and honey graham crackers, producing a beer surprisingly reminiscent of everyone's favorite camp fire treat, and the perfect treat for the middle of winter!" 

Keith picked a new board game to whip me at. Luckily I had my delicious beers on hand for consolation.

Einstein witnessed the beating but offered no assistance.

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