Saturday, November 20, 2021

Sushi and Tamales in the Same Day

We were all over the place today.

We checked out a craft sale thing at Magnuson Park. Much like seems to be the case with a lot of the parks around here, Magnuson was formerly a military base.

There were weird samples.

The big event space at the park is in an old plane hangar which I think is pretty cool. I think the base is a former naval air base to be exact, so I assume that this is a relic from that.

Frelard Tamales is a spot I've seen on a couple of foodie lists so I was excited to try it. I like that they seem to legit only sell tamales. Buy them or get out.

We did a wild west themed escape room at Cryptic Cube Bellevue Escape Room with our friends Derrick and Gabby. The worker took our photos in the beginning and slyly made it into a wanted poster that was the reveal at the end. I thought that was a neat little twist. I was proud we escaped in the allotted time as well.

We messed around at Dave & Busters. I haven't played a game at one of these joints in a really long time.

Lydia is absurdly good at these basketball games.

Seattle has such glorious Asian food choices. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar may be the most legit kaitenzushi joint that I've been to outside of Japan. In a way it's better because the little screen at each table had fun little anime style videos about sushi. Also after 10 plates or something a toy would come out of the machine above our table. Very fun!

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