Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ringbang for Life

My covid test thankfully came back negative so I was clear to embark on my journey to Guyana. It's really pretty crazy to be traveling during this time, as a positive covid test when trying to return home would trigger some unfun events. At the least I wouldn't be able to return home, but who knows what horrible quarantine efforts the foreign country might make.

I had a layover in Miami. I've apparently had a few Miami layovers lately because I swear I recognize some of the staff at the Turkish Airlines lounge.

This lounge is being pretty shady in my opinion. The lounge is open, accepting money, packing people in, but access to the food and drinks is only allowed through asking their staff. You know, for "safety". The slimey ways that businesses have found to profit during covid times have been amazing.

They do have baklava though so... I can forgive a lot of their sins.

The immigration lady told me I have nice eyes so I can pretty much just leave now. Got what I came for. I get a good one compliment every five years or so. 

I got a good taste of Guyana's capital Georgetown traffic on the taxi ride from the airport. More than once my driver would attempt to pass just a random car and they would swerve over to prevent it. Very strange.

Guyana might be the only former British colony in South America. I took advantage of this fact by flipping through some of their sweet, sweet Queen's English newspapers. 

Sounds like they discovered oil and are considering the best way for their country to benefit without falling prey to the vampires.

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