Sunday, November 28, 2021

Pike Market Tree Lighting and Other Stuff

Luckily we still had some Thanksgiving leftovers to fuel the adventuring I was about to embark upon. Blessed be the pie.

We took Doug and Linda to check out the Museum of Pop Culture. There's all kinds of fun stuff here, from music to scifi to video games. It's pretty much all of my favorite things in one building. This is a costume from 1982's Tron, for example. The museum was started by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and many of the pieces are on loan from him as well.

"Kurt Cobain with Colonel Sanders in Singapore, circa February 10, 1992"

"Severed heads from The Walking Dead, 2012

Prop heads made for the Governor's fish tanks, used in the season 3 episode, "Walk With Me.""

I take any opportunity available to abuse the metro pass my night job gave me, so I gave everyone a ride on the monorail.

We love the Pike Market don't we folks?

The gum wall was looking extra gummy today.

The Pike Brewing Company is fun because in addition to the delicious beers they also display an impressive collection of breweriana.

Every time I see King Gambrinus now I think about that night I got weird with it in Milwaukee.

Doug and Linda I think were feeling comfortable and so we left them to see Santa and the tree lighting back at the market.

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