Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Hawks and Salmon

Before I started this insane job I'd been to like three hockey games in my life. Now I'm getting my arm twisted to go to them everyday in some sort of sick mode of torture. How many Canadians does a man see before he loses his mind? 

"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the Canada, the Canada gazes also into you." – Friedrich Nietzsche

Today's game was fun because it was against the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago is full of poo poo people that deserve my scorn, so I felt it was important that I be there today.

When the Kraken win, which is not often, the players of the game will throw these plush autographed salmon over the glass to the fans. Well that's where all the rich people sit so the fish end up laying around like trophies back in their tunnel club suite lairs.

The fish throwing thing is a reference to the fish throwing happening at Pike Place Market. Seattle-native Macklemore raps about it in "Downtown".

I like the comically large luggage that the away teams use to move all their gear.

Don't steal it John. You'll never get away with it.

There's a shuttle that we take back to the parking garage, but this time I followed a couple random workers who acted like the bus was faster. It was not. The end of the night is another sort of sad demeaning part of working at this weird job. You're tired, you're feet hurt, it's 1 am and you have to work in the morning. All of the fans and most of the staff are long gone but you had to stay late to watch rich people drink beer, so now public transport is done for the night. The only choice then left is this sad single shuttle bus that you have no way to know when will arrive or if it will at all. Calling an Uber will burn off and hour or two of the money you just busted your butt to make in the first place. It's downtown at night in a major city and the street people are out shambling around. I think about quitting all the time but there's always another concert in the distance that I think if I could just last long enough to see that it will make it all worthwhile.

Continuing to get yelled at for leaning against a wall or looking at my cellphone is even more ridiculous due to the fact that I just accepted a position at Microsoft. Part of me is like "do you know who I am?!?" and then that's quickly followed by guilt for thinking I'm too good to do work that a lot of Americans are stuck with. I'm definitely building a lot of empathy for the working man. I sort of hate this but in the end I'm just a tourist and can stop at anytime. One of my coworkers said he was looking for more hours because he just got married and had extra bills to pay. Oh man.

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