Sunday, November 14, 2021

My First Seattle Basketball Game

Today we started our adventuring with a hike around Bothell, north of Kirkland HQ.

Later it was time for me spread more joy and hospitality at Climate Pledge Arena in the city.

The armory had a cool Lego exhibit happening.

Today was actually something a bit different for me at the arena: a Seattle University basketball game!

Idaho State were the bad guys today.

It was fun to see how the basketball court wood panels were set up. Fun fact is the ice for hockey stays underneath and concerts/basketball flooring are just stacked on top. 

The different tunnel clubs are more or less identical but some of them have unique art pieces or other little flair to them. 

"Tyrrell Winston
Wearing Me Down, 2021
Used basketballs, liquid plastic, steel, epoxy

Tyrrel Winston is known for his assemblages of old basketballs that he frequently arranges into grids so they become studies of material, culture, and history.

Self-taught, Winston began his art practice creating collages using paper scraps he found while roaming the streets of New York City. He also collected debris like basketballs and cigarette butts, both of which now serve as foundational material for his works.

His artworks all explore what the artist calls "embedded history": the narratives perpetually lodged in other people's discarded objects."

Seattle U is a tiny little Jesuit school so I'm honestly a bit confused about this arrangement. It seemed to me that there were barely enough people in attendance to bother keeping the lights on. One benefit to me was that there were way fewer rich people, and some of the tunnel clubs were completely empty. It also meant that I could check out some of the upper areas during my breaks and they would be devoid of people.

I believe this was the Space Needle club which was way outside of my zone. There were a section of lesser, higher up suites called the Pitchbook suites that another chunk of our team worked at. Also a fancy area called the Moet Club. I never did get stationed at any of those places and I wonder if that was a conscious choice or just a fluke that my masters decided to stick with.

This is the area that the announcer people stand at during Kraken games. They will also often have famous people come up here to wave to the crowd.

It was homecoming court... presentation time which was fun. One notable thing was that even a Catholic school out here on the west coast was so liberal that they didn't have homecoming king and queen, but rather two "royals". I believe they were both women.

It was clear that the production values were suffering a bit during these games.

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