Monday, May 31, 2021

All Over the Peninsula

My Grandpa Milito was in the army during the Korean War, and was stationed in Japan. He told me about how bad/nonexistent the sewage system was and talked about trucks that would drive around and collect poop... sort of like garbage trucks, and I think it was the trucks that he called "honey buckets". I always thought that was a hideous name. Well it turns out a main crap shed provider in the area is called Honey Bucket and so now I see them all of the time. I'm not sure how my grandpa would feel about all of the portable toilets in Washington state reminding me of him but a legacy is a legacy.

"Tokyo - It's a nice place but I like home much better" - Grandpa Milito

We decided it would be cool and meta if the car we were riding in was riding a boat.

Hate to see Seattle leave but love to watch it go.

Bainbridge Island lies a hop across Puget Sound.

Teriyaki is a huge thing in Seattle. There are places selling it all over the place. I would hazard a guess that there are more teriyaki places here than the classic Chinese-American food that you find in the midwest.

Luckily it's really damn good. A real honey bucket of flavor.

Olympic National Park is interesting because it isn't contiguous. There's the main blob but then there's a strip that runs along the coast as well.

It was mating season for some giant dinosaur sized queen ants. You could tell because they were all over the place looking for suitable places to build a nest.

Many of them were not successful.

We had a snack attack and sampled some of the local delicacies.

After exploring the big blob we headed out to the beach portion of the park. It was interesting how much driftwood there was everywhere.

There was a bleached dead tree elephant graveyard type thing going on here.

Some of the wood drifted right into my hand.

My understanding is that the rainforests in this park receive the most rainfall in the continental United States. I don't know that I've ever been to a place quite like this. It's cool because the moisture allows the place to be bursting with life, but it's also cold so the kinds of plants are different from what you might expect in a rainforest. Pine trees next to ferns type of thing.

There was a lot of fun nurse treeing going on, where a tree dies and falls over and then a bunch of other trees grow out of it.

I believe this is a banana slug.

On our way back through the olympic peninsula we swung through Olympia and took a picture of the capitol building there because I have some sort of undiagnosed sickness.

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