Saturday, May 01, 2021

Parks and Branson

Climbed the shaky fire tower at Roaring River State Park. Land for the park was donated by “Doc” Sayman, a medicine-show man who made millions peddling patent medicines and soaps during his traveling tent shows. 

The rivers were doing some roaring, let me tell you.

I want to say... refrigerator door?

At one point there were dead fish all over the path. Ominous.

It was time to get wild.

We finally made it to the fire tower Aunt Cathy had warned us about.

I wasn't sure if it was going to be dangerous up there or not so I sent a scout.

I did not know it prior to my state park adventure but: Missouri is stinky with skinks.

I’m almost done with this MO parks adventure and may have gotten a little over excited. Did some hiking around Table Rock State Park near Branson, MO.

Gotta love it when they blaze the goddamn trail in brown or green so that its like a satanic Easter egg hunt looking for the damn things.

Ozark Mountain State Park in Taney County is the last of the set of three parks waiting to someday become a real boy. The site includes a one-room schoolhouse that served the former community of Garber.

We were in the neighborhood and the sweet siren song of Branson, Missouri was pulling us in. In related news Yakov Smirnoff is still alive and working. As a comedian.

Amphicar: a car that could double as a boat.

This is among the worst things ever done to Native Americans.

Our last stop was Mr B's Ice Cream Parlor.

Natural State Beer Company may have the laziest of all beer can labels. They are all the same but with checkboxes to indicate what's in the can.

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