Saturday, May 22, 2021

Boston: Donuts and Casinos

We wanted to get donuts from this Union Square Donuts joint but couldn't fit it into our schedule. So... we had one of those delivery app people bring us one of each.

It's healthier to eat 20 donuts when you rip them up into smaller pieces first.

There were a couple few stops on the Freedom Trail that we missed on our first pass so we mopped them up today.

This is the Old State House, which served as the original seat of colonial government & later state capitol, today housing historical exhibits. It was built in 1713 and is one of the oldest public buildings in the United States. 

The two figures on either side of the top of the building are a unicorn and a lion, symbols of the British monarchy. The two sitting up there are actually replicas of the originals. On July 18, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed from the east side balcony to jubilant crowds, who proceeded to pull down the lion and the unicorn and burn them in the street.

The Boston Massacre happened right in front of the Old State House, and can be seen in the center of this engraving made by Paul Revere.

The North End was quiet lively at night. There was a ton of sidewalk dining happening.

Paul Revere's house. I read a bit about Paul Revere's midnight ride, and I thought that it was funny that on his way to warn everyone the British were coming he stopped at home to get his boots and a coat.

Trillium might be the most froo froo brewery in existence.

Whenever it gets late Lydia starts begging me to go to a casino so that the party doesn't have to stop. Since we were sort of on vacation I let her have her way. We checked out the Encore Boston Harbor. It used to be called Wynn Boston Harbor but then Steve Wynn was accused of some sex crimes and they had to change it. Bummer dude.

I like slot machines but only the ones that feature fun movies or shows. I was excited to see this Crazy Rich Asians one that I'd never encountered before.

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