Monday, May 10, 2021

A Visit to Bank HQ

I'm hoping that the Maldives doesn't experience any sort of otherworldly destruction before our upcoming trip. It's been so long since I've left the country that I'm not sure that I would survive the grief.

My U.S. Bank work computer stopped... working so I brought it to the local headquarters so IT could take a look. It was pretty convenient to have the building only a few blocks down the street that I live on.

This was my first visit to a bank facility since being hired so I was kind of excited to see what kind of cool stuff they might have going on in there. The answer was very little.

They did seem to have a plan for curing covid on a whiteboard inside though so that was cool.

Flags are really making a comeback. I figured this new flag at Target was some sort of sexuality type thingy but I had to look it up.

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