Thursday, May 13, 2021


After successes in Arkansas and South Carolina, the working vacation train is now unstoppable. Somewhere along the line I did ask my boss at U.S. Bank if I could do a little international working vacation. To his credit he didn't say no out of hand and forwarded the request to HR, who then said no. Domestic excitement it is then!

I bought a cheap monitor that perfectly fits in my suitcase to use on my airborne work journeys.

Next stop: Boston! Massachusetts is the land of my birth and I have spent effectively zero time there since leaving as a child. That has bothered me quite a bit over the years so I'm glad to finally get some time over there.

First flight in 417 days! Wish me luck. Headed to Boston to.. eat beans and stuff.

It's been so long since I've been on a plane that details that would have been mundane to me before were suddenly interesting. Honestly this keeps happening with each additional facet of my pre-pandemic life that I reintroduce myself to. It's been a nice opportunity to see my life with new eyes and decide which parts of my life are really important and which parts I've just been doing out of habit and can be safely discarded.

Fenway Park is a baseball Mecca so I would not be passing up the chance to visit while I was in town.

We arrived at our Boston Airbnb pretty late. One issue was that there weren't any Ubers or Lyfts available at the airport. Covid has greatly reduced the number of drivers and it was a nightmare trying to get a ride. We stood there so long that I finally broke down and ordered I think an UberXL that we didn't need just to get out of there. There were a ton of other people waiting when we finally left.

By the time we got to the house it was so late but we were also so hungry. So we ate some instant pancakes that we found in the kitchen cabinets. The Aunt Jemima brand has been canceled for being racist so finding an old box was really a treat in more ways than one,

One of my coworker's favorite pastimes is commenting on the ever rotating rooms that I'm in during video calls. 

I knew that sitting in front of this giant painting would give them a lot of excitement. I'm really traveling for them when it comes down to it.

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